Saturday, January 14, 2012


Have a refreshing journey along the Bohol Man Made Forest and discover one of the world's amazing creation of God-Bohol Chocolate Hills (jafet).Bohol is a carefree, all-in-one island travel destination.  It is a haven for beach bums, sanctuary of nature trippers and home of adventure seekers. One can get up-close and personal with some exotic flora and fauna whether in land or water. The smallest primate, tarsier, is a must-see for visitors. Be amazed by the splendor and magnificence of more than a thousand rock formation known as The Chocolate Hills. Island hopping should not be left out coz the beauty under the sea is comparable to(sunny).


5. Accessibility – just 3 to 5 hours away from the metro, Puerto Galera is the closest island paradise I can think of. One can ride a bus bound to Batangas port (160 PhP) along several terminals in Taft Avenue. Once there, a ferry ride (250 PhP plus environmental ad terminal fees) can take you to White Beach in Puerto Galera in no time.

4. Hassle-free- Because of its accessibility, an unplanned weekend Puerto Galera can run without a hitch. You can also enjoy water activities, island hopping and land tours in a jiffy. Haggling is a-must and do not be afraid to ask for the best rate. Other tourist destinations (Tamaraw Falls etc) in Galera are relatively close and one can gaze upon the beauty of nature without batting an eyelash. 
3. Affordability- Room rates can go as low as PhP600 to a few thousands depending on location, amenities and package inclusions. The food is reasonably priced and eat-all-you can restos abound. Tour packages might go a bit pricey but worth the charge.
 2. Night revelry- What sets Galera apart from other tourist destinations is its enchanting nightlife. One can enjoy booze and dance the night away while frolicking in the beach. Some portions of the White Beach are quiet and peaceful, ideal for meditation and self-reflection.

1. Beach- its crystal-clear water and nearly white sandy beaches of Galera is truly a league of its own. Even with limited budget, one can just watch the time pass away and enjoy the beauty of beach life in Galera’s long stretch of beachfront. For sporty ones, beach volleyball is a must and a sure way to mingle and befriend tourists and locals.
Wait and plan no more, enjoy life your way! Be spontaneous and follow spur-of-the-moments decision! Life should be one helluva adventure! GTG, the boat is coming… 

BlogThis!Share to TwitterShare to Facebook It’s More Fun in the Philippines: Will it stand up to its promise?

The Department of Tourism (DOT) recently announced its new slogan that will hopefully propel the country’s tourist influx. With the recent setback due to Typhoon Sendong which greatly affected some of major tourist destinations (Northern Mindanao and Western Visayas), this is a timely act of the Aquino administration.  Much has been said, both good and bad, about the catchphrase. Whether or not the slogan will directly help the tourism industry can hardly be measured, if it can really be measured at all. The biggest indicator of success will be the actual number of tourist arrivals with the government’s target of 4 million this year. Judging the slogan on its own, it will really attract tourists whatever their reasons of coming here. One can read between the words that there will be more than enough fun for everyone. The slogan is generic and can be applied in whatever circumstances and experiences; I am just hoping tourists will apply it in a more affirmative and cleaner way. The slogan premises that tourist already went to other destinations or should go to other place for them to compare the level of fun they experienced here. Having said this, it could also mean that tourists will be more fun-conscious which will put more pressure to fun- providers (e.g. destination, tour guide, etc). No matter what, FUN, after all, is the main reason why people went on tour. Here is my straightforward opinion though: the slogan will be a factor but is not the be-all and end-all of the tourism industry. Case in point WOW Philippines! Catchy but didn’t translate to higher-than-expected tourist arrival.  What must stakeholders should work for is to develop tourist-friendly and environmentally-sustainable tourist destinations. More tourist police should be trained, taxi drivers should be friendlier and travel destinations should be better protected and cared of. At the end of the day, tourists will be more than happy if they will have safe, memorable and picture-perfect travel in our country. Fun is secondary; the most important thing is that tourist will come home alive and safe for them to relive their MOST FUNNY EXPERIENCE here.(sunny)